The caravan icon

KNAUS SÜDWIND Exterieur Highlights

One of the first caravan models that continues to enjoy phenomenal success: the SÜDWIND has been inspiring people for more than 60 years now with ever new equipment features, innovative technologies and modern design highlights. Its huge range of layouts and superb equipment make the SÜDWIND the perfect caravan for anyone wanting to experience timeless quality and maximum comfort. A genuine icon, a real SÜDWIND!

  • An absolute caravan bestseller
  • Enormous range of layouts
  • Practical ServiceBox
  • Three gas‐free layouts in the range


Perm. total weight:
1.300 – 2.000 kg
Length (min/max):
647 / 865 cm
Width (ext):
232 – 250 cm
Height (ext):
257 cm

SÜDWIND floorplans

KNAUS SÜDWIND 450 FU Grundriss Overview

450 FU

Overall length
671 cm
Total width
232 cm
Payload ex works
220 kg
KNAUS SÜDWIND 500 QDK Grundriss Overview

500 QDK

Overall length
731 cm
Total width
232 cm
Payload ex works
205 kg
up to 6
KNAUS SÜDWIND 580 QS Grundriss Overview

580 QS

Overall length
791 cm
Total width
250 cm
Payload ex works
250 kg
up to 6

SÜDWIND Interior

Timeless design and unrivalled quality

The most difficult part of a SÜDWIND: making a decision. With its many layouts and options, our iconic caravan leaves nothing to be desired. This can especially be seen in the interior. Perfectly designed decors, finely crafted furniture and luxurious equipment highlights are waiting for you to discover them. Please allow sufficient time for this – there is plenty to see.

  • Double‐wall furniture construction
  • Swivelling LED‐TV
  • Soft‐close drawers
  • Designer fittings

SÜDWIND Exterior

A modern classic with high-quality exterior

Of course, you’d never know from looking at it that KNAUS SÜDWIND has been around for over 60 years. On the contrary: Its design and its safety features continue to set industry benchmarks in its class. No wonder that SÜDWIND has become a real iconic caravan. You will feel the excellent manufacturing and the first‐class durability.

  • Hail‐resistant GRP roof
  • AKS stabiliser
  • Durable, Pro.Tec frame
  • Modern LED rear taillights


The exclusive anniversary model

One of the first caravan models and still a real success story today: The SÜDWIND has been thrilling enthusiasts for almost 60 years with ever new equipment features, innovative technologies and design highlights. As a true icon and extensively equipped 60 YEARS anniversary model, it surpasses itself, so to speak.

SÜDWIND floorplans