The innovative one

Caravan construction made easy. The KNAUS TRAVELINO demonstrates that a good idea does not vanish into thin air. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. And the will of the KNAUS team is simply unshakeable. Just like the extreme lightweight FibreFrame, the dynamic power axle chassis and the furniture in the interior connected with ultrasonic‐sealing technology*. We have envisioned, conceived, designed and implemented. The result is a congenial caravan which starts a new era in caravan construction. When a vision enters series production all indicators point to revolution. And that is only just the beginning.

  • UltraLight: 750 kg empty weight
  • FibreFrame: patented frame technology
  • PowerAxle: lightweight chassis technology
  • RevolutionCube: EPP materials
  • U‐SonicBonded: ultrasonic connection technology


Empty weight:
750 kg
Length (min/max):
519 cm
Width (ext/int):
215 / 204 cm
Height (ext/int):
258 / 196 cm
Sleeping berths:

TRAVELINO floorplans

400 QL

Overall length
519 cm
Total width
215 cm
Empty weight
750 kg


The interior design concept of tomorrow

Organic forms, integrated LED light bands and lightweight construction: we have deviated from the well‐trodden roads in furniture construction and have redefined our vision of freedom. In doing so, we have developed a revolutionary interior with which we are launching a new era in caravan construction.

  • Ultra‐light RevolutionCube furniture construction
  • Integrated LED lighting
  • Intelligent room arrangement
  • Fully equipped kitchen


With FibreFrame towards the future

For over half a century, caravans were built using the same construction techniques. Now KNAUS has developed the self‐supporting FibreFrame, which opens entirely new construction and design possibilities. As the first of its kind, TRAVELINO is therefore taking a gigantic step towards the future.

  • High‐strength GRP roof
  • LED tail lights with dynamic turn signal indicator
  • Ultra‐lightweight ALKO chassis
  • Available with a fitted WIGO awning