The versatile model

KNAUS L!VE WAVE 2020-2021 - Teilintegriertes Reisemobil - Highlights Exterieur

The slightly different TI with lifting bed: With our L!VE WAVE, entering the KNAUS world of camping has become even more flexible. It combines the driving dynamics of a TI with the comfortable sleeping possibilities of an alcove. Five floor plans and accommodations for up to 6 persons turn the L!VE WAVE into a true universal genius. Turn your motorhome into an event area with sensational price‐performance ratio, modern interior design and premium KNAUS quality. 

  • 5 floor plans
  • Excellent price‐performance ratio
  • Modern interior design
  • Up to 6 places to sleep
  • Comfortable lifting bed
  • Standing height up to 215 cm

L!VE WAVE Profile

Perm. total weight:
3.500 kg
Length (min/max):
698 / 752 cm
Width (ext/int):
232/218 cm
Height (ext/int):
294 / 215 cm
Rear garage (max):
80 x 110 cm

L!VE WAVE floorplans

Grundriss Overview L!VE WAVE 650 MG

650 MG

Overall length
698 cm
Total width
232 cm
Empty weight
2.715 kg
up to 6
KNAUS L!VE WAVE 700 MEG - Grundriss Overview - Teilintegriertes Reisemobil

700 MEG

Overall length
752 cm
Total width
232 cm
Empty weight
2.825 kg
up to 6
Grundriss Overview KNAUS L!VE WAVE 700 MX

700 MX

Overall length
734 cm
Total width
232 cm
Empty weight
2.775 kg
up to 5

L!VE WAVE Interior

The highly talented furnishing wonder

Our claim: more headroom for your holiday! Our solution: the L!VE WAVE. With up to 215 cm of standing height and a great spatial impression, the interior in the L!VE WAVE is absolutely worthwhile. With the lifting bed and extra storage space, it also offers sufficient space for up to six persons.

KNAUS Content-Sharing-Widget - L!VE WAVE Interieur - Großzügige Sitzgruppe
KNAUS Content-Sharing-Widget - L!VE WAVE Interieur - Steckdosen an den Schränken
KNAUS Content-Sharing-Widget - L!VE WAVE Interieur - Gemütlich schlafen im Hubbett
KNAUS Content-Sharing-Widget - L!VE WAVE Interieur - Fixbad im 650 MG
  • Extendable lifting bed with its own overhead cupboards
  • Retractable LED‐TV
  • Atmospheric ambience lighting
  • Rear‐ventilated integral furniture construction

L!VE WAVE Exterior

More room for the entire family

Even if it is hard to see from the outside, our L!VE WAVE really offers sufficient space for the entire family underneath its high roof. The sporty roof scoop and the striking furnishings ensure the vehicle’s dynamic appearance. Excellent craftsmanship and many practical detail sensibly round‐off the exterior of the vehicle.

KNAUS Content-Sharing-Widget - L!VE WAVE Exterieur - Optionaler THULE Fahrradträger
KNAUS Content-Sharing-Widget - L!VE TI Interieur - Optionale Markise
  • Automotive rear design
  • KNAUS CATEYE evolution rear lights
  • Comfortable ServiceBox
  • High‐Strength GRP roof
  • Best technology
  • KNAUS KOMFORT body door